SISYPHOS_Sisyphos20im20MohnfeldIn ancient greek mythology Sisyphos was sentenced by the Gods to roll a stone against a steep hill, which tumbled back down when he reached the top. Then the whole process started again, lasting all eternity.

Austrian artist Hans BIWI Lechner wondered which kind of stone Sisyphos was rolling up the hill. He found his own personal stone ( see “THE ROLLING STONE ) on the banks of the Danube river in Austria and decided to roll the stone through the world to different people and places.

The Sisyphos project is an artwork that shows the artist featuring Sisyphos holding the” rolling stone” in his hands as a self-sculpture. In this living theatre HBL “rolled ” the stone several times around the world- from the roofs of Paris through the Australian desert, from the Himalaya to the Museum of modern art in NY, from the Ganga river in India to the Moais on Easter Island… by now around 300.000 miles…

(recommended literature: Albert Camus “Myth of Sisyphos”)