THE ROLLING STONE – The spirit of Rock n’ Roll

Rolling-Stone_falcoHBL: ” 1986 I found a thirty pound heavy stone at the banks of the Danube river in Austria. I took it home and painted it with a symbol I created as the graphic representation of the question for the meaning of life- in the shape of a genderless human figure looking up to a triangle. ”

Since 27 years Hans BIWI Lechner is “rolling” the stone all over the world to places and people he photographs with his stone. He has travelled to 48 countries of the world and photographed more than 2000 people holding the rolling stone in their hands.

This conceptual art project is a work in progress that connects and unites people, beyond religion, color, money or nationality. People are united in their common search for the meaning of life. They are connected with each other in their quest…